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17/12 2021

Ensto has acquired a majority stake in Protrol

The Finnish technology company and family business Ensto has acquired a majority stake in Protrol AB. The transaction brings growth opportunities for both companies, their personnel, customers and partners. Our daily operations and cooperation with our customers and partners continue as usual in both companies.

Protrol will operate under the name Ensto Protrol AB, and Torbjörn Karlsson continues as Managing Director.

Protrol Engineering AB is not affected by the transaction.
3/12 2019

New expandable fault detector

IPC4020 is our newest fault detector for overcurrent and earth faults with integrated remote terminal unit functionality.

The basic version is designed for a typical secondary substation with up to four objects. It can also be ordered with expansion. With expansion it can perform fault detection of three separate objects.

Both IPC4020 and IPC4020exp are metal capsulated.
Read more in the datasheet and the new product guide!
25/9 2019

Protrol visits State Grid

In the Nordics, Protrol is well knowned to have the most efficient solution to identify earth faults in high impedance grounded networks.

The method is also useful in isolated networks, a fact that was thoroughly discussed in a seminar arranged  by State Grid in September. Protrol is grateful to the hosts and all the interested listeners that participated during the seminar.
5/5 2019

Automatic Fault Isolation and Power Restoration in Härryda Grid

Protrol has together with Härryda Energi in Sweden performed  primary faults in Härrydas "Self-sectionalizing grid", an open loop with eight secondary substations equipped with circuit breakers and distributed fault isolation.

IPC, the detectors with remote terminal function, identified the faulty cable segmen fast and distinctly, allowing the circuit breakers in the proper secondary substations to isolate the fault, before the feeding primary substation operated. Finally the open loop was closed, keeping power to the end users.
7/12 2018

Protrol moves to a new larger office!

Protrol moves to larger and more adequate facilities in Mölndal. Our new address from the 7th of December 2018 is:

   Protrol AB
   Alfagatan 3
   431 49 Mölndal​​​

6/12 2018

New Frame Agreements on Fault Detectors

Frame agreements on fault detectors have been signed with Vattenfall and ESEM - Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö.

Protrol is keeping its pole position when coming to fault detection in high impedance and isolated networks.

The fault detectors will be supplied in cabinets to simplify the deployment in the secondary substations.

ERA nr 2 2017 coverERA nr 2 2017 cover
ERA nr 2 2017 cover
10/3 2017

Protrol first page news in ERA

Article in ERA about Protrol and automation in the distribution network!

Read more

Protrol SASensor Open PlatformProtrol SASensor Open Platform
Protrol SASensor Open Platform
Protrol SASensor Open Platform
10/1 2017

SASensor to Ellevio

Protrol supplies the centralised protection and control system SASensor for 11 of Ellevio's new primary substations.

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Protrol ramavtal GENAB logoProtrol ramavtal GENAB logo
Protrol Ramavtal
Ramavtal tecknat med GENAB
20/12 2016

Frame Agreement Göteborgs Energi AB

Protrol is the single supplier that assigned a frame agreement for fault detectors that recently was procured by Göteborgs Energi AB.

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17/11 2016

Visit Protrol at Elfack 2017

9-12 May 2017 it is time for Elfack again. We will be in the exhibition boot B09:82, and we would be delighted if both existing customers and potential new customers can visit us for a chat!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Om the Company

Welcome to Protrol...

...Our products increase the availability of your grid

About Protrol AB

Protrol is a product and consulting company within power and automation technologies for power grids.

​​​Protrol's products are developed for cost effective control, supervision, and fault detection in both small and large secondary substations. The products are based on patent protected technology and are manufactured in local markets.

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