Automation Products for Secondary Substations

Fault detectors with built in RTU functions for secondary substations with communication

IPC4020 101140-W-XYZ
Metal casing. Communication using Ethernet and 2 or 4 wire signal cable with a built-in RS485 modem. 16 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs. Three phase currents,  1 A. Two overcurrent stages, directional and non-directional earth fault protection stages. Feature for intermittent earth faults. Overcurrent 0.0..10 000.0 A, 0..10 000 ms. Earth fault 0.1..100.0 A, 0..10 000 ms. Non-directional earth fault 1..50 A. Power supply 24-48 V DC. IEC 60870-5-101 and -104. Powerful relays for the operation of switching devices.

There exist a number of hard and software options that can be ordered separately. See the datasheet for more details about this.

IPC4020exp 101143-W-XYZ
Similar to IPC4020 but expanded with two additional fault detectors.

IPC4020 101142-W-XYZ
Plastic cover. Similar to IPC4020 but with 8 binary inputs and 3 binary outputs.

IPC4010 101130
Communication using signal cable with a built-in RS485 modem. 12 binary inputs, 6 binary outputs. Three-phase current measurement 1/5 A. Overcurrent 10..250%, 0.04..10 s. Earth fault 0.8..50 A, 0.02..2 s. Non-directional earth fault 1..50 A. Power supply 24 - 48 VDC. IEC 60870-5-101 and RP570. Two overcurrent steps. Powerful relays for the maneuvering of switching devices. Automatic fault detection is available as an option ("dark automation").
Protrol IPC4010 Feldetektor RTUProtrol IPC4010 Feldetektor RTU
Protrol IPC4010
Feldetektor med inbyggd RTU
Protrol IPC4011 Feldetektor RTUProtrol IPC4011 Feldetektor RTU
Protrol IPC4011
Feldetektor med inbyggd RTU

IPC4011 101131
Similar to IPC4010 but with communication through optical fiber (single mode max. 15 km). Ultra-fast automatic fault detection is available as an option ("bright automation").

IPC4012 101132
Similar to IPC4010 but with communication using Ethernet, IEC60870-5-104.
Protrol IPC4012 Feldetektor RTUProtrol IPC4012 Feldetektor RTU
Protrol IPC4012
Feldetektor med inbyggd RTU
Protrol IPS2 24 VDC Feldetektor RTUProtrol IPS2 24 VDC Feldetektor RTU
Protrol IPS2 24 VDC
Feldetektor med inbyggd RTU


​​​​​​​ 101123
Fault indicator with two configurable closing contacts, function specified at order, see datasheet. Overcurrent and earth fault detection with multiple levels. Operate time configurable. Two binära inputs. IEC60870-5-101 via RS485 (option, see datasheet). Power supply 24 - 48 VDC.

Fault detectors for secondary substations where communication is missing

Protrol IPS2 230 VAC feldetektor jordfel overstromProtrol IPS2 230 VAC feldetektor jordfel overstrom
Protrol IPS2 230 VAC
Feldetektor utan inbyggd RTU

IPS2 230 VAC 101122
Fault indicator using closing contact and LED (optional). Overcurrent and earth fault detection with multiple levels. Fast indication possible. Power supply 230 VAC.

IPS Light 101120
Fault indication with LED (LED unit is included). After power disruption the detector signals with a red flash for pass-through faults and green if no fault current has passed. The LED unit, locatated at the outside of the secondary substation, is activated when the substation becomes unenergized. In this way it is possible to directly identify where the faulty segment is. Overcurrent 130%, 60 ms. Earth fault 1 A primary, 60 ms (for CT ratio 300/1). Power supply 230 VAC.
Protrol IPS Light feldetektor jordfel overstromProtrol IPS Light feldetektor jordfel overstrom
Protrol IPS Light
Feldetektor med LED
Protrol IPS Relay feldetektor jordfel overstromProtrol IPS Relay feldetektor jordfel overstrom
IPS Relay
Protrol IPS Relay Feldetektor Reläutgång

IPS Relay 101121
Fault indication using closing contact only. Otherwise identical to IPS Light.

Control and Monitoring

PDC 303210
PDC is a small DIN bar-mounted RTU with scalable architecture. One, two, five, or 14 expansion modules – you mount as many as you need. PDC is complemented with communication interface depending on remote protocol. PDC is cost-effective in everything from small distributions centers to the smallest substations. In small stations, the base module may be sufficient. Should the need of I/O increase in the future, PDC can easily be complemented with more modules. The base module supplies the expansion modules with power. These are available for binary inputs and outputs and for analogue inputs. All in- and outputs have LED indications.

The base module has 7 binary inputs, 3 binary outputs and one analogue input. Power supply
24 - 48 VDC. PDC can be expanded with up to 14 modules. Remote protocol IEC60870-5-101/104 or RP570.
Protrol PDC modular RTUProtrol PDC modular RTU
Protrol PDC
PDC Modulär fjärrterminal RTU
Protrol PDC Modular RTU IOProtrol PDC Modular RTU IO
PDC Modulär RTU med IO

PBI 303220
15 binary inputs (24 - 120 VDC)

PBO 303230
12 binary outputs

PAI 303240
8 analogue inputs (0/4 - 20 mA)


Protrol LSR Modem Line Splitter RepeaterProtrol LSR Modem Line Splitter Repeater
Protrol LSR
LSR Modem Line Splitter Repeater


LSR is a combined Modem, Line Splitter and Repeater. There are two options for communication, RS232-2 x RS485 or RS485-2 x RS485.

The RS485 ports can be configured for either 2- or 4-wire. Several LSR units can be stacked for division into more than two transceiver networks. 404310
RS232-2x RS485 modem. 404311
RS485-2x RS485 repeater.

PxM 404320
PxM is a RS232/RS485 modem of the same design as PDC. Can be connected directly to PDC but also works as independent modem for RS232 to RS485. Power supply
24 - 48 VDC.
Protrol PxM RS232 - RS485 modemProtrol PxM RS232 - RS485 modem
Protrol PxM
PxM RS232/RS485 modem

PxC 404330
PxC485 is a compact RS485 
modem for PDC. (black-green in the picture to the right). 404340
PxC232 is a compact and isolated
RS232 interface for PDC.

Protrol PxC RS485 RS232 modemProtrol PxC RS485 RS232 modem
Protrol PxC
PxC RS485 or RS232 modem for PDC
Protrol PEC104 IEC6087-5-104 - 101 interfaceProtrol PEC104 IEC6087-5-104 - 101 interface
Protrol PEC104
PEC104 IEC60870-5-104 to -101 interface

PEC104 404350
PEC104 is an intelligent interface for the remote protocols IEC60870-5-104 and IEC60870-5-101. With PEC104 IEC101 nodes can be connected to remote control via Ethernet and IEC104. The serial interface for PEC104 is either an isolated RS232 via the expansion bus, or RS485 via pluggable terminals. RS232 will typically be used with Protrol’s RTU system when only one RTU will be connected. Power supply
24 - 48 VDC.

PEC104 can be configured to three basic modes: transparent, gateway or stand-alone mode. For detailed info about these configurations, see product sheet.

OTR 404510
OTR is a fiber-optic modem for single-mode fiber. The advantage with communication via optic fiber is that it is in principle insensitive to external disturbances. The modem is designed to function transparently for
IEC60870-5-101 with low speeds. It means, for example, that you can use OTR on sections in RS485 networks where you have access to fiber. OTR has a transceiver for connection in ring (see picture). Power supply 24 - 48 VDC.
Protrol OTR modem IEC60870-5-101 RS485Protrol OTR modem IEC60870-5-101 RS485
Protrol OTR
OTR Optical modem for IEC60870-5-101 and RS485

Power supply and overvoltage protection

Chargers and Batteries

Protrol provides several power supply alternatives for uninterupptible power to our separate remote terminal units or fault detectors with built-in RTU function.
Chargers with 24 V or 48 V output voltage.
​​​​​​​DIN bracket mounted. Closing relay for alarms.
Protrol Batteriladdare AC - DCProtrol Batteriladdare AC - DC
Protrol Batteriladdare
Batteriladddare 230 VAC - 24 VDC / 48 VDC
24 VDC, 2.2 A 505420

W x H x D
51 x 121 x 81 mm

​​​​​​​24 VDC, 5A
​​​​​​​ 505422

W x H x D
66 x 148 x 113 mm

48 VDC, 5 A 505421

W x H x D
75 x 173 x 122 mm
Batteri 505430
12V, 7 Ah, longlife.
Protrol Batteri 12 V 7 AhProtrol Batteri 12 V 7 Ah
Protrol Batteri 12 V
Batteri 12 V 7 Ah
batteri ct7 mattbatteri ct7 matt
batteri ct7 matt
Protrol PBU power supply 24 VDCProtrol PBU power supply 24 VDC
Protrol PBU
Strömförsörjning med kondensatorer 24 VDC

PBU 505410
Backup power supply with super capacitors. Typical operating time for an IPC after power failure is 5 minutes. Power supply 230 VAC.
Protrol OVP RS485 over voltage protectionProtrol OVP RS485 over voltage protection
Protrol OVP RS485
OVP överspänningsskydd för RS485


OVP is a DIN bracket mounted overcurrent protection device intended for RS485
with low and medium communication speed or power supply protection. 606510
Overcurrent protection device for RS485 communication. 606511
Overcurrent protection device for external 48 VDC power supply.
Protrol OVP 48 VDC Over voltage protectionProtrol OVP 48 VDC Over voltage protection
Protrol OVP 48 VDC
OVP överspänningsskydd 48 VDC


We have several types of current transformers with standard ratios in stock. Splittable CT's are delivered with 4 m cable.
Temperature range: -30ºC to 80ºC
Isolation level: 3 kV
Please contact us for other versions, the products beneath are standard products kept in stock!

Split core current transformers, clip-together, for cables with diameter <34 mm

Article number:
Continuous overload:

Article number:
Continuous overload:
133% (200 A)
40 mm
34 mm

133% (400 A)
40 mm
​​​​​​​34 mm
Protrol Kapslad CT DelbarProtrol Kapslad CT Delbar
Protrol Kapslad Strömtransformator Delbar
Kapslad Strömtransformator Delbar

Split core current transformers, taped, for cables with diameter <50 mm or 85 mm

Article number:
Continuous overload:

Article number:
Continuous overload:
Article number:
Continuous overload:
120% (360 A)
50 mm
44 mm

120% (360 A)
85 mm
​​​​​​​44 mm

133% (400 A)
50 mm
​​​​​​​44 mm
Protrol Kapslad CT LindadProtrol Kapslad CT Lindad
Protrol Kapslad Strömtransformator Lindad
Kapslad Strömtransformator Lindad stor diameter

Solid current transformers

Article number:
Continuous overload:

Article number:
Continuous overload:

120% (180 A)
45 mm

120% (360 A)
45 mm
Transformator solid1Transformator solid1
Solid strömtransformator