Protrol is a product and consulting service company within electric power and automation technologies.

Protrol's products are designed for cost efficient performance monitoring, control and fault detection in secondary substations. The products are based on Protrol's patented technology.

Protrol also offers expert services within several fields, with a special focus on protection and control for primary substations, high voltage direct current and connection of new power sources. 

Protrol's customers are found among power companies, utilities and industries.
Protrol Natstation IPS LightProtrol Natstation IPS Light
Protrol Nätstation
Nätstation med IPS Light monterad

Protrol's Consultants

Protrol Torbjorn KarlssonProtrol Torbjorn Karlsson
Torbjörn Karlsson
Torbjrön Karlsson VD
Torbjörn Karlsson
+46 70 558 18 75
Protrol Bo AlmerProtrol Bo Almer
Bo Almer
Bo Almer Fördelningsstationer
Bo Almér
+46 70 265 50 58
Protrol Martin Mellbin KontrollsystemProtrol Martin Mellbin Kontrollsystem
Martin Mellbin
Martin Mellbin Kontrollsystem
Martin Mellbin
CPC, Fault Detectors
+46 70 980 53 80
Björn Fälldin
Fault Detectors, SCADA
073 089 80 70
Protrol Pehr HjalmarssonProtrol Pehr Hjalmarsson
Pehr Hjalmarsson
Pehr Hjalmarsson HVDC
Pehr Hjalmarsson
Power Systems, HVDC
+46 70 209 94 42   
Protrol Michael LindgrenProtrol Michael Lindgren
Michael Lindgren
Michael Lindgren Elkraftsystem
Michael Lindgren
Power Systems, HVDC
+46 70 608 66 83
Thomas Nordlander Projektledning HVDCThomas Nordlander Projektledning HVDC
Thomas Protrol
Thomas Nordlander Projektledning HVDC
Thomas Nordlander
Comissioning HVDC
+46 73 667 64 20
Stefan Enberg Protrol
Stefan Kontrollsystem
Stefan Enberg
+46 70 070 620 65 00

Business Concept

Our mission is to offer high end products, services and solutions for power and transmission, with a high quality level and an attractive price.


Protrol offers specialized products and services. A dedicated quality work is of great benefit to both us and our customers, allowing employees at Protrol feel a genuine responsibility that the deliveries match, and preferably exceed, requirements and expectations. This means that:
  • Both products and services are delivered in time and with agreed scope.
  • Products and services must also comply with agreed features and comply with specifications,
  • include the required documentation,
  • and meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.
To ensure the quality of our specialist consulting services, Protrol uses a process that includes the following elements.
  • Only consultants with relevant experience are considered for the task
  • Junior consultants or subcontractors are always supervised by Protrol's working partners.
  • The consultant(s) that will perform work package and the supervising partner should be presented in the tender.
  • We also use senior experts when initiating the work, at milestones and for support when needed.
Protrol is actively working to ensure redundancy in the area of ​​expertise that we offer.


Protrol is concerned about environmental issues. Our target is to recycle everything consumed in our operations. No need to ask, we follow applicable laws, regulations and standards to be met within the European Union. In addition, we define our own environmental targets. These include the development and manufacturing of products, recycling of materials and control of emissions that may be generated when performing our services. Already during the development process we evaluate new product generations so that environmentally friendly processes and components are used. 

We follow up our business trips and strive to travel by train rather than by car or plane.

Our ambition is to constantly maintain a high quality of our products and services while meeting environmental standards. This will contribute to a better future not only for our customers and their immediate environment, but for society as a whole.

Protrol also seeks a good work environment by:
  • Creating commitment, job satisfaction and personal development through an open dialogue.
  • Minimizing the risks of accidents and work related illness.
  • Allowing employees to develop their personal skills.
  • Striving for a high level of job satisfaction and thus creating the best conditions for the work.