10/3 2017

Protrol's automation gets the front page in ERA

Finally it has been released - ERA's latest issue which features Protrol och automation in the distribution network!

Here are some comments from the article:

"- It has provided very good results. Earlier, localising and removal of faults could take from 20 minutes up to several hours. Today it takes maybe two minutes to localise, says Hakan Ünal" (Göteborg Energi)

"- Protrol has developted special software algorithms that manages to use the phase currents in a very sensitive way. When you do not need to measure the voltage the product and the installation becomes become less complicated, that affects costs, says Ferruccio Vuinovich" (Göteborg Energi)

"- This is definitely a new way of thinking. We have not heard of other utilities that uses decentralised automation on the signal cable networks, he says (Hakan Ünal)"
20/1 2017

Visit Protrol at Elfack

In May 2017 it is time for Elfack once again! We are found at boot B09:82.

Push the logo to the right to printout your personal ticket to the exhibition.

Welcome to our display!
6/3 2017

Staffanstorps Energi chooses SASensor

Protrol delivers centralised protection and control system for the Eastern Station. The system includes all protective relay functions, remote control interface and HMI.

Curious on what SASensor offers? Read more here...
10/1 2017

SASensor to Ellevio

Protrol is the supplier of the centralized protection and control system SASensor for Ellevio's new substations Segmon and Svänkviken. This is the first time this type of type of protection and control system is used in the region of Värmland, but it is not new for Ellevio. Naturally, all configuration and commissioning is included in the delivery.

Curios what  Ellevio will have? Read more here...
Protrol SASensorProtrol SASensor
Protrol SASensor
Protrol SASensor
20/12 2016

Framework agreement with Gothenburg Energi AB

Protrol is the single supplier that was qualified in the framework agreement for fault detectors that recently was made by Göteborgs Energi AB.

Protrol supplies both separate fault detectors to contractors supplying new secondary substations and pre-manufactured cabinets for refurbishment of existing stations.
Protrol ramavtal GENAB logoProtrol ramavtal GENAB logo
Protrol Ramavtal
Ramavtal tecknat med GENAB
8/9 2016


Protrol has introduced a new version of the appreciated fault detector IPS2. With its high sensitivity for earth faults in the network and simplicity of use it reduces the outage times drastically. With fault detectors in the secondary substation, information about the faulty cable segment is available immediately, and it is possible to quickly isolate the fault without trial energizations.

The latest version has 24 VDC supply voltage, configurable in- and outputs and IEC 60870-5-101 communication. This makes it specially suitable for secondary substations that are or will be connected to the control center.

The algorithm for earth fault detection does not require any voltage transformer which makes IPS2 a very cost efficient fault detector with high sensibility for pass-through faults, also in network with low earth fault currents.
Protrol IPS2 24 VDC Feldetektor RTUProtrol IPS2 24 VDC Feldetektor RTU
Protrol IPS2 24 VDC
Feldetektor med inbyggd RTU
28/28 2016

Primary earth fault tests with IPC4012 in Lithuania

IPC4012 was today verified in primary earth fault test. A couple of IPC4012 units were located in both forward and backward bays with respect to the fault.

The units were supervised by Protrol's office in Sweden through the mobile network.

Several earth fault tests were performed with varius conditions, and the faults were identified as expected. The test was performed in Lithuania by Protrol's local partner FIMA in ESO's network.
Protrol Felindikering med IPC1Protrol Felindikering med IPC1
Protrol Indikering av fel med IPC
Protrol indikering av fel med IPC
23/9 2016

Protrol Settings and Config Tool 2 released

A new tool, Protrol Settings and Config Tool 2, for the configuration of the Ethernet interface and IEC 60870-5-104 parameters of IPC4012 and PEC104 is now available (registration is required).

Please refer to the manual ​​​​​​​for IPC4010, -11 and -12 for information how the tool is used.
Protrol logoProtrol logo
Protrol logo