Protrol Tool IPS2 24 VDC Configuration Tool

Tool for configuration of IPS2 24 VDC.
Unpack the packed file PT IPS2 24 VDC Config Tool in a suitable folder on the computer that will be used for configuration. Please observera that the .dll files must be located in the same folder as the executable file.

​​​​​​​Start the file PT IPS2 24 VDC Config Tool - v2.1.0.exe in the unpacked folder. Follow the instructions in the manual for IPS2.

​​​​​​​Please observe that this software tool needs drivers from Silicon Labs which can be downloaded from their web page:

Unpack the Zip file and install the drivers, use the x64 version only for 64 bit Windows. Information about which Windows version you have is found in Control Panel -> System.

If these drivers already are installed on the computer that shall be used for configuration, then this step is not needed.

Version Information

The most recent version of this software is v 2.1.0. The following changes have been made since the last revision:
  • Additional settings.
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements.
Please contact if you need v2.0.0.
See the entire revision log​​​​​​​