Protrol USB Bridge


TFR Plotter is a tool that makes it easy to visualize and analyze disturbance files that have been registered by Ensto Protrol devices. The tool offers a graphical interface where the fault currents can be analyzed in details both in the time and frequency domain, together with the current state of the fault detection algorithms.

The tool handles disturbance recordings from the following products:
• IPC4020
• IPC4022
• IPC4010
• IPS2 230 VAC
• IPS2 24 VDC
• IPS Light
• IPS Relay
The packed file is unzipped in the folder of choice on the computer that will be used for analysis. The tool is based on Matlab, which means that a Matlab runtime environment must be installed before the program is used for the first time. The installation file for the Matlab runtime environment, MatlabRuntimeInstaller.exe, is found next to the TFR plotter executable.

When the Matlab environment is installed, open ProtrolTFRPlotter.exe.
Good to know
The Matlab runtime environment takes a rather long time to start, since it starts MATLAB itself. Thus, TFR plotter is also slow to start, but when it is up and running, it opens .log files without any special delay.

Version Information

The most recent version of this software is v 3.6. The following change has been made since the last revision:
  • Now handles carriage return in Free Text better.
For a complete revision log, see information in TFR Plotter.