Protrol Tool

Protrol Tool is downloaded to any folder on the computer that shall be used for configuration. Install the necessary drivers. For instructions how to configure each product see the specific manual.
This software can be used to configure the following Protrol products:
  • IPC40x0, IPC4010, IPC4011 and IPC4012
  • IPS
  • PDC
  • PPC
The current version of this software is v 1.42. The following improvements have been introduced in this version:
  • IPC: "Street light control"; code introduced.
  • IPC: Changed minimum values for EF settings
  • IPC: Settings for reignition
  • PDC: Settings for alarm table
  • PDC: "Write Settings" for earlier versions of PDC Control software. Improved handling and user information.
  • PDC Site manager: The window size can be changed by the user.
  • PPC: Bug fix for PPC; settings for "PAD Eval"
  • Smaller bug fixes.

See the entire revision log
Please observe that this software needs drivers from Silicon Labs that can be downloaded from their web page:

Unpack the downloaded Zip fil and install the drivers, use the x64 variant only if you use 64 bit Windows. Information about this can be found in the Control Panel -> System.

Open the Device Manager by pressing Start -> Device Manager.

In the Device Manager -> Ports (COM and LPT), it is possible to see which COM number the USB driver has been assigned
Connect your Protrol-product with a USB cable to your computer, start Protrol Tool. Choose Comport Settings COMx.
Comport Settings 1Comport Settings 1
Comport Settings 1
A settings dialog is opened. Choose correct COM port in the first (Port) dialogen according to the figure below (in this example COM7).
Comport Settings 2Comport Settings 2
Comport Settings 2
Confirm the settings by pressing OK. Connect the the Protrol product by pressing Connect in Protrol Tool.

When Protrol Tool is connect, the LED Running symbol in the left corner will start to flash and a picture of the connected product will be shown in the main window.

Press Store Comport Settings if you would like your COM port settings to be saved for next time.